You are unique. Your wellness routine should be, too.

Equilibria offers free consultations to help you navigate your wellness journey. Just education and personalization to suit your unique needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Wellness Specialist and how are they qualified?

The Member Education team is composed of trained cannabis educators with a wide variety of academic and professional backgrounds. Some highlights include environmental science, psychology, biosciences, communications, personal health and wellness, healthcare, and dispensary management.

Our Wellness Specialists understand that proper education and personalized, one-to-one guidance about how Hemp works is key to success. We are dedicated to not only sharing our wealth of knowledge and experience with our members but to continued internal education as the scientific body of evidence regarding cannabinoid therapy expands.

As cannabis educators, Wellness Specialists are not commissioned salespeople, and we are unable to provide medical advice. We always encourage you to work in tandem with your healthcare provider whenever you’re adding Hemp into a routine.

Once I have my products, how should I get started?

First and foremost, welcome to the Equilibria community! We’re so excited you’re here.

Once your order arrives, we encourage you to check out this page for more information on getting started. You should also receive the information in an email once your order has shipped! If you have questions about getting started, you can reply directly to the welcome email or reach out to the Member Education team at and a Wellness Specialist will get back to you as soon as possible.

When getting started with a Hemp routine, it’s important to keep in mind that we are looking for small, subtle, incremental improvements rather than overnight success. It takes time for our bodies to adjust to Hemp, and even longer for the maximized benefits to present!

Additionally, we are always looking to find the lowest dose that elicits therapeutic effects. We encourage you to start low and slow, then work with a Wellness Specialist to increase as needed!

Once you’ve given your products a try, we encourage you to book your Complimentary Wellness Consultation to further customize your routine!

Does journaling actually help? (Short answer: Yes!)

Journaling daily can be a wonderful practice, both for maintaining your well-being and monitoring your progress with Hemp. Whether you’re a journaling pro or entirely new to the practice, we have some tricks for you!

When taking your doses of Hemp, it can be helpful to note the dose you took, when you took it, and how you felt before and after. If you want to take it one step further, you can also note whether or not you took your doses with food, paired them with a workout, or even if you had coffee!

In terms of identifying positive results with a Hemp routine, it’s often more about what you don’t see than what you do see. It takes time to see the benefits of a Hemp routine! On average, our members report their BEST results around three months into following a daily, consistent routine; and along the way, we can be on the lookout for small, subtle, incremental improvements.

Some questions to help guide you toward understanding the small ways in which Hemp starts to work:

Stress and Mood

  • Were you slightly less reactive in a stressful situation than anticipated?
  • Were you less snappy with your friends and family members during a period of increased irritability?
  • Has a friend, partner, or co-worker noticed that you’re less stressed? Often, it’s easier for others to notice changes than it is to notice them in ourselves!

Quality of rest

  • Are you winding down a little faster than normal?
  • Are you waking up one less time overnight?
  • Feeling more refreshed in the morning?


  • Have you felt less tension than usual?
  • Feeling slightly less achy than normal?

The insights you glean from journaling will help you and your Wellness Specialist work together to create the perfect customized routine for you!

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