Hemp is health,
not hype

What is Hemp? Hemp ingredients are naturally occurring in hemp flower. It is clinically proven to impact mental and physical well-being, when taken properly and consistently. It is a powerful health agent, with no discernible impairment (no high)!

As per FDA guidelines, Equilibria Hemp is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailment.

Hemp for your health goals

The science of Hemp

Our bodies’ ECS system naturally depletes as we age or endure trauma—leaving us stressed, sleepless or otherwise off-balance. Hemp can bring this vital system back to equilibrium.

Hemp — elevated.

With single-source, organic, hand-harvested hemp flowers, personalized routines and 1-on-1 Dosage Support, we’re elevating an entire industry—and helping women heal, refresh, and restore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Hemp is legal!

The Federal Farm Bill (the Agricultural Act of 2018) legalized the production and sale of hemp bred a specific way.

The industrial hemp plants we use in our products meets this requirement, and our full-spectrum, whole-flower hemp products are completely federally legal.

Will taking Hemp products make me feel intoxicated?

Our industrial hemp is bred to be federally legal and will not make you feel intoxicated.

Most women simply feel relaxed, not sleepy, with our products. The effect is both subtle and substantial, like that warm feeling after a few sips of your favorite wine.

Why is routine so important?

Hemp works with your own body’s processes, most notably. In order for Hemp to effectively support this system (so that YOU can experience the benefits) sticking with a daily, consistent routine is KEY. Similarly to how certain vitamins or supplements should be taken every day for optimal results – the same applies to Hemp!

Hemp is lipophilic (or fat soluble), which means it compounds in your body over time, adding to potential health benefits. This also means that we tend to see gradual improvements rather than an overwhelming impact straight away. It takes time for our bodies to adjust to Hemp being around, and even longer for the maximized benefits to present!

When Hemp is taken daily and consistently, you may be surprised to experience benefits beyond your initial “health goals”. For example, maybe you started taking Hemp to help you wind down after a long work day and find that you’re also beginning to feel more focused or your mood is balancing out!

Still have questions?

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