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This relaxing, self-care soak contains over 30 minerals, and is infused with dried lavender, calming vanilla, Mediterranean Sea and Dead Sea salt. A perfect way to treat yourself to some self care.

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50mg of full-spectrum Hemp per bath, 200mg Hemp per jar.


This relaxing product features over 30 minerals, including Mediterranean Sea salt, Dead Sea salt, dendritic salt base, our hand harvested full-spectrum Hemp, coconut oil, as well as natural floral, sweet orange, and vanilla fragrances.

Each jar contains 50mg of full-spectrum Hemp per bath to center the mind and relax the body. We recommend using roughly 1/4 of the jar per bath!

  • Single-Source Hemp
  • Hand-Harvested
  • Vegan

Supplement Facts/Ingredients+


Salt, Dead Sea salt, coconut oil, lavender oil, lavender flowers, sweet orange oil, vanilla planifolia oil, full-spectrum hemp flower Hemp concentrate.


Lavender Vanilla


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Featured Ingredients

Dead Sea Salt

Packed with natural minerals, Dead Sea salt can be a great addition to your bath time routine by calming and soothing skin.*

Lavender Oil

Derived from the lavender flower, lavender oil is known for promoting relaxation and addressing skin irritation.*

Orange Peel Oil

Known for its sweet citrus scent, orange peel oil is commonly used for its mood-boosting and stress-relieving effects.*

Vanilla Planifolia Oil

With an easily recognizable sweet and warm scent, vanilla planifolia oil soothes and moisturizes the skin.*